We measure innovation so you can manage the future!

We assist corporates, Government, NGOs and startups to measure innovation to better manage it. We provide ecosystem assessments, strategy advice as well as training and coaching for teams and leaders to systematically test and launch new business models.

Innovation Accounting Course

Featured Course – Innovation Accounting

Learn how to create a simple financial model that predicts the most likely outcome of your Startup or corporate innovation project using Innovation Accounting.



To assist organisations in better measuring innovation to effectively manage it, we segment the topic into these elements:

When it comes to managing innovation, I cannot recommend Elijah enough. I am a firm believer in measuring innovation as it leads to faster, more cost-effective, meaningful and profitable outcomes. For any organisation that wants to gain a competitive advantage through innovation know that Elijah is a pioneer in the Innovation Accounting space.

Zach Varnier, Commonwealth Bank Australia


Building/Fostering an Innovation Culture

  • Innovation Culture & Group Behaviour 
  • Team Accountability 
  • Building Teams

Innovation Ecosystem Design & Metrics

  • Innovation Ecosystem Triage
  • Innovation Ecosystem Design & Metrics

Innovation Leadership 

  • Coaching Mindset & Facilitation Techniques
  • Leadership Habits 
  • Creating Effective Exercises

Experiment & Research Type

  • Experiment Types (The Real Startup Book) 
  • Value Proposition & Comprehension Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Effective Survey Design

Customer Centric Innovation Management & Practice

  • Setting Personal & Team Goals
  • Lean, Agile, & UX Principles
  • Project Management & Roadmapping

Research & Experimentation for Innovation Teams

  • Basic Experiment & Research Design 
  • Advanced Experiment & Research Design 
  • Practical Statistics for Quantitative Experiments

Business Modeling

  • Business Model Risk Prioritization
  • Business Model Design

Innovation Strategy & Portfolio Management

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Innovation and Portfolio Management

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