Episode 10 – Retrospective

About the Episode

Elijah Eilert is talking to Oliver Durrer. Oliver is sharing insights from his accomplished career in corporate innovation. He is also helping Elijah do a Retro on the podcast for this 10th episode:

  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go well?
  • What to do next?

This episode is a bit different from others as it focuses less on specific lessons for innovation teams and leaders and more on personal experiences.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change” – Brené Brown

Topics and Insights 

  • (01:00) Introducing Oliver and how his ambidextrous corporate abilities to successfully ‘explore’ and ‘exploit’ might be rooted in his upbringing and background.
  • (06:30) Reflecting on what went well, primarily being the ability to attract amazing guests
  • (08:00) Elijah mentions that what did not go well was him interrupting his guests way too much
  • (12:00) Reasons for doing the podcast
    • Creating Content
    • Learning
    • Personal Development
  • (15:00) Who would be another dream guest for the show
  • (16:30) The influence Lean Startup had on our lives and careers
  • (20:30) Our perception of risk and uncertainty and how we deal with it personally and professionally
  • (30:00) The topic above naturally leads to innovation accounting, quantifying uncertainty and ranges
  • (32:30) How even lost law suits with fines attached for companies can lift share prices because the remaining uncertainty is removed
  • (33:00) On the value of information and learning fast
  • (34:00) Oliver reflects on lessons with corporate innovation teams
  • (39:00) On designing a podcast that allows for different points of view for the sake of learning
  • (43:30) Floating the idea of another podcast – “Corporate Innovation Horrorstories”
  • (44:30) Retro on the Retro

Show Transcript

About the Guest

Our guest and co-host Oliver Durrer is a Swiss global citizen with a love for life and learning. Passionate about people, tech, lean innovation and social impact, Oliver is on a mission to empower purpose-driven pioneers to unleash their full potential for impact.

He has 20 years of experience in fostering corporate entrepreneurship, innovation and learning, with large enterprises, SMBs and tech startups across Europe, Southeast Asia and Silicon Valley.

Oliver is the founder of SwissLEAP where they help leaders, teams and organizations navigate uncertainty, lead change and innovate with impact to sustainably create shared value.

SwissLEAP’s signature Lasting Enterprise Action Practices (“LEAP”) combine the business excellence and stability of successful enterprises with the speed, learning and innovation capabilities of lean startups.

Oliver holds a lic. oec. in Business Management from Lausanne University and is a certified lean innovation coach and market opportunity navigator. He is a lecturer of innovation and intrapreneurship at HWZ Business School Zurich’s Executive MBA in Digital Leadership.

A fan of foreign cultures and languages, Oliver enjoys connecting with people in (Swiss-)German, English, French, Italian & Spanish.

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