From Quarterly to Weekly Learning Cycles or “The Man in the Mirror”

About the Podcast 

The Innovation Metrics podcast provides insights on measuring innovation, innovation accounting and managing the uncertain process of developing new, sustainable and profitable business models.

About the Episode

Oliver shares his hands-on experience on corporate entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and learning from his time at Nestle and Migros, building corporate startups and developing an innovation lab. He explains how they went from quarterly learning cycles to weekly and what it takes to get there.

Finally, Oliver is going to tell us his biggest secret/takeaway for innovators, especially within large organisations.

We hope that you enjoy listening to – “The Man in the Mirror”


Oliver Durrer, Elijah Eilert

Topics and Insights 

  • 04:00 Overcoming challenges in communicating with leadership in the pre-revenue phase when learning is the primary focus.
  • 11:30 Setting expectations about the (learning) roadmap with leadership.
  • 14:50 The journey to shorter experiment and insight cycles – “Go fast go alone, go far go together”. 
  • 18:00 The importance of managing the scale-up challenge from the beginning of the process – from innovation accounting to standard financial accounting.
  • 20:15 On the need for a learning organisation.
  • 20:50 Measuring teams, reporting on learning and insights.
  • 25:00 Recording insights & knowledge management 
  • 32:30 Collaborating and creating a shared vision within large organisations.
  • 37:00 Oliver’s biggest secret for how to change the way large organisations innovate.

About the Cohost

Our guest and co-host Oliver Durrer is a Swiss global citizen with a love for life and learning. Passionate about people, tech, lean innovation and social impact, Oliver is on a mission to empower purpose-driven pioneers to unleash their full potential for impact.

He has 15+ years of experience in fostering corporate entrepreneurship, innovation and learning, with large enterprises, SMBs and tech startups across Europe, Southeast Asia and Silicon Valley.

Oliver is the founder of SwissLEAP where they help leaders, teams and organizations navigate uncertainty, lead change and innovate with impact to sustainably create shared value.

SwissLEAP’s signature Lasting Enterprise Action Practices (“LEAP”) combine the business excellence and stability of successful enterprises with the speed, learning and innovation capabilities of lean startups.

Oliver holds a lic. oec. in Business Management from Lausanne University and is a certified lean innovation coach and market opportunity navigator. He is a lecturer of innovation and intrapreneurship at HWZ Business School Zurich’s Executive MBA in Digital Leadership.

A fan of foreign cultures and languages, Oliver enjoys connecting with people in (Swiss-)German, English, French, Italian & Spanish.

Connect with Oliver:        

Website / LinkedIn / Twitter

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The course will take you from the basics all the way to cutting edge proficiency. Good research and experimental design is the basis for establishing what customers really want. Some statistical knowledge is required to analyse the data. The topic is daunting to some but we have got you covered. Applying what you learn to your real life experiments and projects will enable you to communicate with your peers with ease. 

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