The future is uncertain but decisions need to be made and that’s what an innovation strategy is for. A high level plan for effective innovation oriented resource allocation and quick decision making, it tells the company where to currently go, not necessarily how to get there. 

The problem is an innovation strategy’s short half-life time, as inner and outer conditions change ever more rapidly. The solution is to embrace an iterative strategy. But without meaningful information through aggregate data from the organisation, this is easier said than done. We can assist you by understanding what information you need and by implementing systems that react faster and are more data-driven.

A better complementary approach to an innovation strategy is in fact an innovation thesis. As the word thesis suggests, it is not a law. It is a theory and the term better acknowledges that it is full of assumptions. Good metrics inform the thesis in order to decide whether or not it can stay in place or has to be rewritten. Subsequently, most data will come out of the innovation portfolio which elements are effectively testing the thesis. 

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