Teams are often judged on-time, on-budget. In an environment of extreme uncertainty, this is guaranteed to incentivise the wrong behaviour. Teams would be held accountable against KPIs that don’t benefit the customer or company. Many, current innovation teams have the wrong type of accountability or too little. 

Successful innovation teams learn and execute the right thing at the right time, with maximum speed and minimal resources. To encourage this behaviour, it should simply be measured. It makes more sense to understand the number of new insights teams can gather and the quality of experiments teams are running. Insight and experimentation velocity are sensible KPIs here.

It is important to start and not let perfect be in the way of good. One experiment a week is a goal every team can thrive to achieve right away even if they take longer in the beginning. More advanced measures would understand if the experiments teams run are the right experiments at the right time, fit the respected learning goals and effectively assist in decision making. 

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