We assist large organisations in driving change through deep data insights and are pioneers in the field of innovation accounting. We work with you to gain a competitive edge in a world where the speed of change is ever-increasing.

Innovation Projects

  • Set better metrics to give innovation teams the freedom and accountability they need to create new and sustainable business models

  • Building a hypothesis-driven financial model and statistical analysis to understand

    • Choose what project to invest in and how much
    • Quantify uncertainty and progress
    • Understand lead indicators for success
  • Forensic innovation accounting to assist in answering questions like

    • What is the most likely outcome?
    • How much funding should be allocated?
    • What is the remaining uncertainty?

Innovation Portfolios & Funnels

  • Analyse gaps in your innovation portfolio, optimise for risk and reward

  • Calculate resources needed for a successful innovation funnel

  • Design decision gates, criteria for innovation funnel/portfolio

  • Create effective innovation boards/innovation steering committees to make better evidence-based decisions and choose the right projects

  • Implement a system to measure and report on monetary and non-monetary indicators for innovation portfolios and funnels

Innovation Culture & Ecosystem Design

  • Ecosystem assessment and benchmarking

  • Ecosystem design for a measurable outcome

  • Innovation culture assessment and roadmap

Innovation Strategy

  • Find valuable strategic goals or Arenas and calculate the potential “size of the price”

  • Build an innovation thesis in line with the rest of the company’s Strategy

  • Embed processes a function Agile Innovation strategy and review cadence

When it comes to managing innovation, I cannot recommend Elijah enough. I am a firm believer in measuring innovation as it leads to faster, more cost-effective, meaningful and profitable outcomes. For any organisation that wants to gain a competitive advantage through innovation know that Elijah is a pioneer in the Innovation Accounting space.

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