About Innovation Metrics Pty Ltd

We assist corporates, Government, NGOs and startups to measure innovation in order to better manage it. We provide ecosystem assessments, strategy advice as well as training and coaching for teams and leaders to systematically test and launch new business models.


Elijah Eilert is the founder of Innovation Metrics Pty Ltd. He has worked as an entrepreneur or within corporate innovation in the US, Germany, China, Spain, France and now Australia.

Elijah has a vision. His purpose is clear – build innovation governance structures to support effective, zero abuse innovation ecosystems that deliver and reward fairly more about the founder.

Our Services

Innovation Accounting & Metrics

We help organisations in gathering and interpreting financial and non-financial information, for better innovation management and resource allocation.

Innovation Workshops & Courses

We provide a range of innovation workshops and courses for teams, management and leadership.

Innovation Ecosystem & Maturity Assessment

We provide organisations with an analysis of their innovation ecosystem to effectively remove roadblocks and grow innovation capabilities in a data-driven way.

International Partners

Founded by Tristan Kromer, Kromatic offers Innovation Coaching and Ecosystem Design globally and is based in San Francisco. A core pillar of our collaboration is innovation training programs for teams, internal coaches and leadership.

Founded by Cris Beswick and Dan Toma, Outcome is a global Innovation advisory firm based in Europe. The Innovation Maturity Assessment (AIM), developed by Outcome is a core pillar of our collaboration.

Founded by Oliver Durrer, SwissLEAP is based in Switzerland. LEAP stands for Lasting Enterprise Action Practices and combines business excellence and stability of successful enterprises with the speed, agility and learning capabilities of lean startups.

What Drives Us

Our mission is to play a significant role in the revolution that innovation management is experiencing right now. We want to create a lasting impact in the way organisations handle innovation. We are on the forefront of Innovation Accounting, which we believe is just as significant for innovation as the role Management Accounting or Modern Scientific Management had on organisations in the past.

More and more organisations understand how necessary it is to invest in innovation. The understanding of just how risky those investments are rises as well. The service industry assisting organisations in their efforts to innovate is often doing more harm than good by preying on the fact that innovation focused service providers themselves operate in a data poor environment. The problem lies in the inability to generate meaningful information in an extremely fast changing environment. Innovation has become one of the great management challenges of our time.

Innovation Metrics makes innovation manageable by assisting you to measure what matters to make critical innovation related decisions.

Innovation Theatre

Are you over the innovation theatre? We are here for you!