Innovation Metrics - Podcast

Listen to insights on measuring innovation, innovation accounting and managing the uncertain process of developing new, sustainable and profitable business models.

In Part 2, Elijah Eilert is talking to Peter LePiane, about innovation accounting, common misconceptions in business case analysis, and emphasizes the value of information by connecting learning to financial outcomes.

In Part 1, Elijah Eilert is talking to Peter LePiane, exploring the core principles of innovation, the challenges associated with measuring its impact, and the formidable obstacles faced in corporate landscapes.

In Part 2 of the episode, Elijah Eilert is talking to Kumuda Suppayah about corporate venturing and organizational adaptability guided by insights from a research paper that Kumuda co-authored titled, “Enhancing Organizational Adaptability through Corporate Venturing.”

Part one of the episode where Elijah Eilert is talking to Kumuda Suppayah is designed around three questions: What is innovation? How should innovation be measured? What are the biggest blockers to innovation in large organizations?

Elijah Eilert is talking to Susie Braam and Ed Essey, taking you on a corporate innovation journey, shedding light on both innovation blockers and enablers, exploring concepts like psychological safety, cognitive diversity, trust, and fear.

Elijah Eilert is talking to Ed Essey Director of Business Value at the Microsoft Garage about how to bring Stakeholders along the journey when designing and resourcing an innovation funnel.

Elijah Eilert is talking to Matt Clancy about what makes people become entrepreneurs and how the accessibility of information fosters innovation.

Elijah Eilert is talking to Joseph Brookes about the Innovation Metrics Review, a report that assesses the way Australia is currently measuring innovation, and then makes recommendations on how it can be improved.

Elijah Eilert is talking to Susie Braam about what keeps innovators within large organisations going and what makes it really hard for them. Susie shares what good leadership behaviour looks like, the problems with short-term thinking and how to carve out the necessary space for a strategic approach to innovation.

Elijah Eilert is talking to Oliver Durrer. Oliver is sharing insights from his accomplished career in corporate innovation. He is also helping Elijah do a Retro on the podcast for this 10th episode.

Elijah Eilert is talking to Tendayi Viki about the power and pitfalls of storytelling in the context of innovation management. A well told story has the power to move us, we are biologically programmed to buy into storytelling. The problem is that often in an innovation context a well told story bypasses logic and reason, selling a tall story devoid of facts.

Elijah Eilert is talking to Esther Gons, author of the Innovation Accounting Book, about the importance of having innovation accounting established as a second system within large organisations. Without this second system, breakthrough innovation is highly unlikely…no matter how skilled individual people are and what great ideas they have.

Elijah Eilert speaks to Paul Orlando about his book Growth Units to discover how to best calculate Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value. Paul tells us how to significantly improve common calculation methods and how to use those to make critical business decisions.

Elijah Eilert speaks to Andy Cars, the founder and CEO of Lean Ventures International, about the ISO standards for innovation management. Having participated in the ISO creation process, Andy Cars will discuss the concepts around ISO standards and how organisations can benefit from them. The aim is to create a long-term innovation strategy and transform an organisation’s culture into a value creation mindset.

Elijah Eilert is speaking to Tristan Kromer about the fundamentals of a VC-like funding approach for corporate innovation that releases resources over time in exchange for specific evidence. Funding a startup or corporate venture from idea to scale is becoming increasingly outdated. Applying traditional stage-gate funding models for innovation projects come with a set of issues on their own. Discover the fundamentals of what Eric Ries calls Metered Funding and how to design an effective incremental funding approach for innovation.

Elijah Eilert speaks to Jael Kong who until recently was working with a leading FMCG company. Jael is jam-packed with insights. The episode explores systemic problems large organisations have when making (kill, pivot, persevere) decisions specifically after launching new products and an “early post-launch tracking framework” to tackle those issues.

Tristan Kromer speaks with us about the pitfalls of early-stage predictions in startups and corporate innovation initiatives, and how to drastically improve them.

Tristan Kromer is talking to us about why innovation teams need to be measured differently from other product teams and how to do it. Receive practical advice on how to implement innovation accounting on a team level.

Oliver shares his hands-on experience on corporate entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and learning from his time at Nestle and Migros, building corporate startups and developing an innovation lab. He explains how they went from quarterly to weekly learning cycles and what it took to get there.

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