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We assist innovators to increase their likelihood of success through training, coaching and consulting.

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Value Innovation

Traditional financial modeling doesn’t work for innovation. There is a better way of quantifying the chances of success for your innovation project right from the start. Learn how to turn qualitative data and hunches for viability into a meaningful financial model.

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Our blog provides the latest articlespodcasts and videos on innovation management, innovation accounting and what is needed to manage the uncertain process of developinging new, sustainable and profitable business models.

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Innovation courses and workshops - a pirate and an astronaut are fixing a rocket.

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Take control of your innovation management efforts and measure what matters!

When it comes to managing innovation, I cannot recommend Elijah enough. I am a firm believer in measuring innovation as it leads to faster, more cost-effective, meaningful and profitable outcomes. For any organisation that wants to gain a competitive advantage through innovation know that Elijah is a pioneer in the Innovation Accounting space.

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